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Discovering Pearls in Data

Predicting patterns and understanding behavior is vital for reducing risk and improving efficacy in care coordination. Advancements in technology and analytics can boost capacity for purposefully organizing care activities and disseminating information across platforms — and direct to consumers. Network management and optimization, transitional care management, waste management, and lowering high-risk utilization begins with application of advanced analytics to large datasets routinely locked in disparate legacy systems or incongruent architectures.

But how do you get to what matters most?

Purposeful Analytics

Build datasets and code analytics to answer questions which directly impact operations, risk or outcomes. For example, are we meeting monthly goals? What’s our churn rate? Where should we invest for the best returns? How many customers have we added, and how much did each customer cost? Because of “X” factor are our Members better off? Understanding utilization patterns, performance measures and workflow keep quality, profitability and service in focus. Having the ability to dive into output, retrieve the most essential information and then communicate it across teams gets you to the best treasures in data.

Useful Presentation

Not everyone that uses data thinks like an analyst or sees charts, graphs and numbers the same. Organizations undoubtedly have more data than ever, and the amount of content shared between teams continues to build. Making data beautiful makes it more readily received and adaptable. Consistent and moderate use of color, fonts, and images taps into areas of the brain which easily translate figures into useful roadmaps for action. Eliminating buzzwords and “catch phrases” bridges communication gaps. Your organization is most productive when the analytical team can make data visual with the end user and their goals in mind.

Preparing for Change.

Change. Healthcare. Approach.

Mobile Health | Multiple Data Streams | Quality Improvement Processes | Patient Voices | Environmental Exposures | Lived Experiences | Network

Streamlining Workflow

Improve. Team. Effectiveness.

Time Allotment | Efficient Operations | Sustainable Practices | Accessible Data | Actionable Indicators | Trained Staff | Committed Leadership

Imagination and Innovation

Imagination is the precursor to innovation. Pursue answers to obscure questions buried in your data. Identify problems needing solutions not yet discovered and generate ideas from every area of your organization. Select the best ideas, test them, re-test them and share what you find. What may look useless to one person may be of value to an entire group. True value lies in imagination and innovation focused on elevating responsiveness through technology, person-centered collaboration and the right prompts to action.

Overcoming Barriers

Seamless. Dynamic. Network.

Risk Management | Personnel Growth | Human Capital Investments | Synthesized Measures | Revitalized Pathways | Achieved Savings | Clearer Direction

Communicate. Responsive. Care.

Human Connection | Care Coordination | Key Differentiators | Greater Accountabilities | Innovative Care | Individualized Service | Healing Environment


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